InfluxDB is a time series database designed to handle high write and query loads. Telegraf. Open source server agent to collect metrics from stacks, sensors and systems. InfluxDB Enterprise.

Turns any InfluxData instance into a production-ready cluster that can run anywhere.


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Get started with InfluxDB Cloud, InfluxDB Open Source, and InfluxDB Enterprise all purpose-built for time series data: InfluxDB Cloud (database as a service), InfluxDB (the essential time series toolkit), InfluxDB Enterprise (to run InfluxDB anywhere), and Telegraf (for metrics collection made easy)…

Config by Custom.ini file

Run InfluxDB

  • Create DB / Query DB by influx.exe
CREATE USER telegraf WITH PASSWORD 'telegraf123'
CREATE USER grafana WITH PASSWORD 'grafana123'
GRANT WRITE ON telegraf TO telegraf
GRANT READ ON telegraf TO grafana
  • Run InfluxDB by influxd.exe

Add Telegraf and Visualize by Grafana

Install and setup Telegaf