Jaeger: open source, end-to-end distributed tracing.

Monitor and troubleshoot transactions in complex distributed systems.


Download Jaeger

Config Jaeger

Config Jaeger by Environment variable

  • "SPAN_STORAGE_TYPE" = "badger"

       (canbe "memory", "cassandra", "elasticsearch", "kafka", "grpc-plugin", "badger")

  • "BADGER_EPHEMERAL" = "false",
  • "BADGER_DIRECTORY_VALUE" = "your directory to save badger value"
  • "BADGER_DIRECTORY_KEY" = "your directory to save badger key"
  • See more config

Run Jaeger

  • Run CLI

Run Jaeger as a Service

  • Use nssm to add Jaeger as a Service
NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager